Katherine Canto is originally from the Dominican Republic and is an example of improvement and effort. With her experience and hard work, she helps the Hispanic Community.

She obtained the degree of Doctor of Law from the Universidad Iberoamericana in the Dominican Republic. Then she revalidated her studies and obtained a Master's Degree in Law studying at the University of Baltimore, United States. She is a member of the Washington State Bar Association, D.C, which granted her the license to practice as an attorney in the United States.

Attorney Katherine Canto had to experience the immigration process herself to obtain her citizenship and settle in this country, so she understands every person who leaves their home country in search of better opportunities.

Her area of ​​expertise is Family Immigration and Deportation Defense, with her work he guides anyone who needs to legalize their immigration status in the United States and abroad. If there is a way to legalize the person, she represents them in the Immigration Court or carries out the visa application procedures that lead to obtaining the residence and subsequently the Citizenship.

One of her greatest satisfactions is to reunite a family that is separated or prevent someone from being deported.

As part of her social work, attorney Katherine Canto gives free lectures and consultations at Casa de Maryland, World Relief, Esperanza Center and different Churches in Maryland and Delaware.

Katherine Canto has participated in radio broadcasts for 1600 am Universal station by answering immigration questions and providing the latest news on immigration reform. She always seeks to inform the Hispanic population about her real situation and what to do to achieve legal status in this country.

Attorney Katherine Canto was a member of the board of directors of the Maryland Immigrant Right Coalition Organization, whose mission is to coordinate and maximize existing resources in order to increase the availability and quality of legal representation for low-income immigrants pro bono or for a low cost educate the community about immigration and to advocate for immigrants in Maryland.

Attorney Katherine Canto is also a member of the American Bar Association (ABA), Maryland Hispanic Bar Association (MHBA) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

Attorney Katherine Canto, enjoys cooking, reading and doing outdoor activities and sharing with her family.






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