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U visa for crime victims

The U Visa is a remedy for people who have been victims of crimes in the United States, who have received substantial physical injuries to their bodies or emotional traumas and who have cooperated or are willing to cooperate with the authorities investigating the crime to which
they were subdued and help to do justice.

Some of the Crimes qualified by law to obtain the U Visa:

• Sexual Assault
• Domestic Violence
• Assault (blows or wounds)
• Kidnapping
• Incest
• Sexual exploitation
• Non-premeditated homicide
• Illegal Incarceration
• Perjury
• Prostitution
• Rape
• Torture

In order to apply for a U Visa, the applicant must obtain a certification from the law enforcement agency that carried out the investigation of the crime or from the prosecutor's office, if the case came to trial. This certification is obtained through form I-918B.

Victims of crimes or violence over 21 years of age may include in their U visa application their children under 21 and their spouse, regardless of whether they are within the United States or that They reside in their country of origin. On the other hand, victims of crimes or violence under 21 years of age may also include in their U visa application their younger siblings, their parents, minor children and spouses.

After 3 years of obtaining the U visa, you can apply for adjustment of status or permanent residence for the victim and their relatives.

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