Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

For non-citizens, there is nothing worse than deportation. Legal permanent residence in the United States is not a right but a privilege. That privilege may be revoked if you are convicted of a crime, or if you are accused of violating any other section of the Immigration and Nationality Act, such as violent crimes, drug offenses, or fraud offenses. One may also be subject to deportation if he legally entered the United States with a visa, but has stayed longer than authorized. If you give fraudulent information on a
visa or passport application, you can be deported and prosecuted criminally.

When a person receives a Notice of Appearance it means that the United States government has initiated a deportation process for this person.

Depending on your immigration status and the crime you have been accused of, you could avoid being deported if you file a waiver request for reasons of expulsion:

The types of protection that can prevent deportation are:

• Status Adjustment
• Special Status for Youth Immigrants
• Cancellation of Deportation
• Voluntary departure
• 601 A Waiver
• U or VAWA Visa
• A fully favorable decision on your case

If the immigration judge denies your request for a deportation waiver, a petition for review of your case can be filed with the Immigration Appeals Board and the Circuit Court of Appeals from the office of attorney Katherine Canto.

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