Family immigration

I-601 waiver

In the United States, to obtain the Green Card or permanent residence card, immigration authorities have to consider that the applicant is admissible.

If he is not, it is classified as inadmissible and can not become a resident. Not through an adjustment of status within the country nor through what is known as consular procedure after an interview at a consulate or Embassy of the United States.

But when a person is deemed inadmissible, not everything is lost. Sometimes it is possible to request a pardon.

As of March 4, 2013, some immigrant visa applicants who are parents and spouses of United States citizens or permanent residents may request provisional exemptions, that is, provisional waiver for illegal presence before leaving the United States.

In most cases of inadmissibility the waiver that can be requested is I-601 A that counteracts the law of punishment. In addition, it must meet a series of requirements that are different depending on the problem that causes inadmissibility such as illegal stay, forgery, fraud, misrepresentation, defacement or misleading description of the truth or criminal history among others.

It is important to demonstrate that the denial of the person's admission to the United States will cause “severe suffering” for parents or citizen spouse. In the Law Office ofKatherine Canto we can assist you in the application and representation for Waiver 601 A. For more information or to request an appointment please call us at 667-308-2264 or 443-845-9879.

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